North Carolina Homes From Mark Saunders Show His Eye For Design, Commitment To Client

Mark Saunders North Carolina


If your house doesn’t quite feel like home, Mark Saunders of North Carolina can help. This professional developer has spent decades designing and developing beautiful homes that residents fall in love with every time they come home. Accomplishing this has brought personal satisfaction and professional success, as both Mr. Saunders and The Coastal Companies have become synonymous with functional and fashionable luxury homes in North Carolina.

To understand why Mark Saunders and North Carolina go hand-in-hand, it’s important to look at Mr. Saunders’ roots and education in the field of home construction. As a grade and high school student in Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Saunders knew that he’d eventually have a career in home and building construction. This dream was an all-encompassing one, too, because Mr. Saunders wanted to both design and build these structures. To make this dream a reality in North Carolina, Mark Saunders would first attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (more commonly known as Virginia Tech) and study architecture and business management. This decision would prove pivotal, as it would lay the groundwork for his career in construction and home-building.

Following college and before coming to North Carolina, Mark Saunders worked for the world’s largest textile manufacturer, Burlington Industries. It was during this time that he would make his first visit to Brunswick County, in North Carolina. The beauty that this region of the state boasts was complemented by near-unrestrained business potential. When Mr. Saunders realized that his dream of designing and building homes could rise in this region, The Coastal Companies began to truly come together.

The humble early days were ones marked by the sweat equity Mr. Saunders would be investing. He would work alongside construction crews during the day, witnessing first-hand the rise of the luxury homes he’d always envisioned. After the day’s work was done, he would handle managerial aspects of the business and continue to design homes on the drawing board. It’s this all-around commitment that gave rise to Mark Saunders Luxury Homes’ “five-sided architecture”: An unsurpassed attention to detail is enhanced by creativity all around the home, meaning that residents and their guests will be in awe no matter which section of the structure they are looking at.

North Carolina has given Mark Saunders unforeseen and unsurpassed business opportunities. However, each house that he designs for a client is their home and this is where he derives pride in his work from. A home from Mark Saunders Luxury Homes is structurally-sound, impeccably designed and jaw-droppingly beautiful. His eye for aesthetics is also one of the reasons why some properties in the portfolio were built alongside the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, barrier islands, rivers and golf courses in North Carolina.